Importance of a building inspection

Whether you’re building your own house or considering to purchase a home, one of the important things to do is building inspection. This is because there’s a lot of things that can go wrong during the construction stages and inspection helps you to know what you’re paying for especially if you are an investor. There’re many people who have suffered huge financial losses due to the failure of not having a building inspection by professional experts. Let’s look at some of the benefits of getting a building inspection in Adelaide

(1). You get to know of any building problem in advance. When a property is inspected before you seal the purchasing agreement, you’ll be informed of the full condition of the building. This makes you aware of everything about it right from the legal documents to the structural status and therefore you don’t expect any surprises. Some of the major inspections conducted include floor and roof inspection.

(2). Gives you leverage in negotiations. With all the knowledge about the property, you can use some of the information to negotiate the price of the building. For instance, if you found something that needs fixing or a substandard item, you can ask the seller to cater to the repairs.

(3). Feeling secure. Living in an inspected building gives you the peace of mind. It should be done by a certified professional building inspector to ensure that no stone remains unturned. This assures you not only of safety but also prevents you from any financial losses in the future.

(4). Professional advice. A building inspector offers advice on major problems that may end up affecting the property over time. For instance, the building codes varies in different cities in Australia and therefore buying a building that doesn’t comply with those codes poses a risk of demolition in the future.

(5). Saves you money. Although the inspection services may be costly, they save you money that you could incur in case of any repairs or penalties.

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